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We Rent Slingshots!

Are you prepared to have the time of your life? For all those seeking a fast ride that will catch everyone’s attention, reserve your slingshot today.


  • Feel a Rush Of Adrenaline
  • Get Noticed
  • Feel Like a Celebrity
  • You Will Definitely Enjoy This Ride

See What People Frequently Ask Us


How can I rent one?

We have two pick up locations. One in Wayne, New Jersey and the other in Queens, NY.

Where can I pick up my rental?

Slingshot rentals will be delivered to one of two locations in the NY or NJ area. You can pick it up in either Wayne, NJ or Queens, NY.

What if I want a tour or guide

Were more than happy to reserve a guide with your slingshot rental. You can see the best sites and views while our driver does all the work.

How fast is the Slingshot?

Going from 0-60 in under 4.3 seconds, the Slingshot tops out at a max speed of 220MPH 

Where can I rent a car?

At the moment we are only renting slingshots in the NY and NJ area. We have free delivery to any of the two pick-up locations listed.

What happens if I get a ticket?

You will be held responsible for any traffic violations and damages that occur during rental of slingshot.